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StockWatch Worm Egg Count Laboratory is a privately owned and truly independent testing laboratory. We provide livestock owners and managers the best tool to assist in combating internal parasites... Information.

The bottom line is simple: With routine worm testing, you can better manage your stock, production will improve and a lid will be kept on costs. 

The aim of our service is simple; confidential worm test results returned to producers in less than 24 hours of being received. Being independent we don't monitor, use or pass on results, they remain strictly for your information only. StockWatch provides a service which producers can trust and use with absolute confidence.

Drenching when it is not necessary is expensive, wastes time, and promotes the development of drench resistance. Alternatively as worm numbers become large enough to cause visible signs, body condition and growth rates will already have been adversely affected. This cost in lost production or performance can be hard to see but is very real so we suggest growers spend a little early to save a lot later.

The Lab has the ability to test for worms in SheepHorsesCattleAlpacasGoatsDeer and Pigs.

Take the guess work out of worm management and rest easy knowing your stock are getting the best care they can get.

StockWatch Worm Egg Count Kits are now available through distributors or direct from StockWatch.

For the fastest results simply download a request form, fill in the details and send with your sample/s (in your own packaging) to StockWatch Reply Paid 423 Temora NSW 2666. Using this method ensures we can continue to provide this quality service at a realistic price.

  • Operating dates over the Summer The Worms aren't taking a break over the summer, so neither are we......they are just getting warmed up! Whether it's Barbers Pole or a scouring...

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