Worms in Goats:      

Whether you raise goats for their fibre, meat or milk, internal parasites are a big issue that can and do cost your enterprise in lost production..... How much depends on your management...

Why Test:

Without information you could be tearing up money drenching when it's not needed or miss a worm problem that leads to scouring and lost production as a result. A visual appraisal of a mob is not a reliable way to assess worm burdens in goats. A worm test is the only method to definitive method. Drench because you know your goats have worms...not because you think they might! 

StockWatch results are represented in eggs per gram and split into the basic roundworm types and include comments on any other parasites observed.  Results are forwarded within 24 hours of arrival at the Lab.

StockWatch Test Options:  

Standard Test: Mob average offering simple sample collection, quickly answering if drenching is required or your recent drench has performed. 

Premium Test: Mob average including range of 10 samples, which offers producers more detail to make decisions when the risk of infestation is high.

Liver Fluke Testing: A StockWatch Liver Fluke Test is reported as either Positive or Negative. A positive result indicates the presence of adult liver fluke. If positive, management actions are most likely required.

Individual Samples for Genetic Selection

50+ animals $3.85/head   (less than 50 samples = $5/hd)

Basic Drench Resistance Testing:  It doesn't get simpler. Collect a sample 10 to 14 days after you have drenched to see if the drench you are using is effective or if it's time to rotate your drench.  For the best results send a sample prior to drenching to give you a starting point.

Pricing:  All Prices GST Inc.  

Standard Test (Mob Average) $35 each
Premium Test (10 samples Average and Range) $55 each
Liver Fluke Test (per mob) $35 each

Barbers Pole Test 

$35 each

Genetic Testing:   50+ samples

$4 each

+$0.35 per sample for additional testing

A StockWatch Worm Egg Count Test will provide quick turn around mob average or individual worm egg counts that will help you decide if you need to drench or if your current drenching program is effective.

For the fastest results simply download a Request Form, fill in the details and send with your sample/s to:                                          StockWatch   Reply Paid 423   Temora  NSW  2666.

Or order a free StockWatch Kit which includes everything you need to test 1 to 4 mobs. Kits contain Sample Collection Instructions, a  Request Form, and a Guide to Egg Count Results. 

Still unsure - We are always available to discuss results or answer questions.

The majority of our work comes from repeat clients and through word of mouth from our happy customers.  Feel free to forward our link to a friend.   Link.

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Worms rob Goats of nutrients for growth of meat and fibre and milk. A quick visual in the paddock is no indication of the real worm burden Nutrition for Fibre - Don't let parasites impede fibre growth staple strengh can be destroyed by a "worm setback" Goats are very susceptable to worm infestations. Keep them healthy by knowing if they are wormy or not In Dairy Production is King. Lose it and Profits dwindle- Don't risk a worm burden, make testing a habit.